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Savetheuntamed is NewYork Based brand that believes in being ones self, not forgetting who you are and staying true ro your passion whatever it may be, Fashion, art, music, photography etc. The Phrase "Savetheuntamed"comes from the word "Untamed". Now I know what you thinking, Untamed meaning wild, Out of control or animalistic behavior ?, but Actaully By definition Untamed Means "to be in a natural state". By putting "save" and "the" in the front of untamed it expresses the vision of the brand saving who you are-naturally or staying true to your self (SAVETHEUNTAMED)

I choose an aviator because it convey a person of a free spirit. The image it self consist of a man with a halmet, goggles, shades and ears suspended in the air. The art derives from my love for American and Japanese animation.

Concept: The message I tryin to get across is being free; being yourself simple but powerful message 

Type of shirt: These tshirts where send to  print by a local tshirt printing company.  (silk screen printed)

Creative execution: When this shirt was designed I wanted the logo to really catch people eyes so I enlarge the image on the shirt its is not printed in the normal standard size silk screen mesh but printed to fit straight across thr chest part of the tee.

Cost: $17.50 per shirt. Thats the cost of tee, front print , inside tag print and back tag (Organic cotton tees)

                            also have full body character of the pilot just haven't printed it yet.

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