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Don't have a compelling story but, SARAPxSARAP has two meanings.

1.) When directors finish a movie's a wrap or slangtionarilly speaking "SARAP". The general audience doesn't see or care what happens behind the scenes nor for the most part, do they know the work that goes into it. They are only concerned with the finished theory into practice and how they can adapt it into their own storyline ...SARAP.

2.) Translates into English from Tagalog as delicious, flavorful ...good taste.

So if there is a story ...that's it.

For now our concentration is focussed on t-shirts & commissioned design. Not a true collection rather, we'll put out whatever & whenever our financial situation allows for it. 

For now, we're like to think of ourselves as …the dopest motherfuckers you never heard of. If you can't join them ...beat them.

SARAP logo scaled...

My personal preferance as far as logo is ...can you reinterpret it without changing the integrity of the form. So here are "expirments in brand logo adapablity". 

Subject: 1

Subject: 2 ...sure why not?

Crack Kills:


HST ...wait till you see those goddamn bats!

SARAP x The 45 Sessions / Cold 45's:

SARAPxSARAP mascot theory


SARAP x Bron / Elephant Gunnnnn:

Pocketed T-Shirts are spreading like wild fire from what i've noticed.

Here's my interpretation/contribution to the theory...

"The Fuckit Pocket"

Not for everyone but, hopefully you get the double humour in it...

SARAP / Gind Mames: 

Mine's ...playin' tricks on You.

Hopfully this works in screenprint ...only one way to find out.



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