Updated Nov, 27th 2013

Like most people, I take some things for granted. I happen to live just blocks from what we locals call "the tourist trap"...also known as Santa Monica Pier. It's been years since I've ventured to the sandy Santa Monica beach and decided that this class would be the perfect excuse to re-visit "the tourist trap" in hopes of capturing some cool night photos.

It was a very smoggy day because of our Santa Ana offshore winds. The sky had a healthy brown hue which seemed to wash out the photo.


I used the white balance "punch" preset to begin with for added contrast and clarity. To remove the brown hue, I adjusted the temperature to a blue-ish tint for more of a "night sky" appearance. I adjusted my shadows, highlights and whites, HSL Saturation for added color, and used the alt/option key to adjust the sharpening.


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