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Olivier Charland





Brand name : SANS/COEUR


From : Montreal

As french montrealers, we made it a priority to come up with a french brand name. This name came from a late-night brainstorm session after sourcing into our latest life observations for inspiration. SANS/COEUR simply means 'heartless' (without/heart).

Why? : SANS/COEUR is a brand that comes full circle between what we want to wear, how we want it to look, and what occupies our thoughts as young adults. We believe streetwear can be minimal in its approach, that it can be high-concept, that it can be intellectual or spiritual if it wants to. We believe that the more unique, outlandish, and unusual what you're making is: the more novelty and value is offered by the products.



Part of idea behind the brand is playing with contrast and setting in opposition different ideas (modern graphic elements vs 1500s painting, visually striking kaleidoscope vs tiny typography, minimalistic design vs troubling message). I'm sure you get by now how we've been a tad ironic in picking our brand name.

For the logo we used a classic serif font (Adobe Garamond Pro). We tried to make it look clean, classic and timeless. The logo is not something we're used to see in streetwear, we went for something more elegant than average to contrast with our name. The use of all lowercase emphasises the calm attitude we want our logo to emanate. As it's usually more of a text font, we worked on the kerning and certain letters to make it more beautiful.

For the secondary typeface, the one we use everywhere, we went with Martha, a brand new font made by our friend at coppers and brasses. Associating our logo in a serif font from the 1500s with a brand new mono sans-serif modern font from 2012 is all about contrast. We like designing with words and things that are not meant to be paired and making them work beautifuly.

The business card and hang tag are printed black on black, on super heavy card stock of 3 layers (black - white - black). The logo on the front is foil embossed in black gloss.

The label and size tag are in french and on two separate woven labels.

Nothing is final here we just figured we'd try something different and see where it leads us. 


Inscription reads: ABSENS HAERES NON ERIT which is Latin for "Absence does not make the heart grow fonder". Painting is the "Fruit Seller" by Vincenzo Campi.

C'est ma faute - C'est plus simple (It's my fault - It's simpler).

Reads in a circle, like a snake eating it's tail.


Truth seekers

Berries 5-panel

We finaly choose to put all the photo in B&W, to make them more intriguing.

-> Watch our lookbook video <- 

We made a tiny run of a 24"x36" magazine, numbered and screenprinted by hand. Some pages are classic magazine articles and some are pure visual experimentation of text and poem juxtaposed with images. The idea was to push and play with the idea of contrast. The whole thing is experimental and it was a lot of fun to make.


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