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I am a recent graphic design graduate looking to further brand myself for a more direct audience. My goal as an artist is to create design related to music. Currently I am pursuing a career as a live visual artist for music festivals. You can check out more of my work on my website

I want my identity to have a tropical influence, not only to play off the pun of my name but also because that type of music is what inspires me the most. here are my first round of sketches which use graphic elements such as sunsets, palm trees, dolphins.

I started sketching this logo for another Skillshare class, but I found that this one suits my style and my vision much better. The design I want to develop is a script style with my name and a palm tree and a setting sun.

So I created my S in Jessica Hische's dropcap class, and here is what I have before working on the rest of the letters with this class.

So I started over and redrew every letter with a tablet in illustrator and came up with a different look that I am quite happy with.


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