SAMPLE Story Video - What I Overcame Fear - Yukiko Sato

SAMPLE Story Video - What I Overcame Fear - Yukiko Sato - student project

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In Summer 2000, My first business called TESAGE was started. TESAGE where make lightweight fabric purses and sell online. TESAGE was loved by many people such as vegan and minimalist

Body (Problem):

Although I was watching every pennies to keep up TESAGE business, When the great recession hit in 2008, TESAGE biz fall into financial crisis. Company bills were delay, great staffs were leaving. What if people don't buy TESAGE anymore, what if this business fail, what if my bank have no money left. There were a full of fear in my mind.


While I was searching solution, I found this quote "Even if the company goes bankrupt tomorrow, you should not sick at heart." This quote reminded me that positive Mindset is the key to overcome fear. Same time I saw Is that glass half full or half empty theory. I realized that my mindset was that glass half empty while successful people see the glass half full. In November 2015, I decided to built a motivational story video community platform that everyone can share a life story video. That called SnowSugar Video. 7 month later, I decided to focus SnowSugar Video business and closed TESAGE business for good.Now I am a full of passion to built Tell Your Story, Inspire the world story video community. My Name is Yukiko Sato I am now positive thinker to see that glass half full.
I want you to make your story video to share with me at this class project. 

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Yukiko Sato
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