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Kiss Sándor

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In this little case study, I want to share with you a few tips on how to make great posts on your Facebook fan page.

As you remember, Step 3 of my strategy is posting content on your fan page. We want to analyze which posts get the highest amount of fan engagement before we start boosting them.

Here are three tips to consider in order to maximize the engagement of your fans in order to see what they really respond to.

       1. Keep it short

The shorter your post is, the better. Here’s a study by TrackSocial. As you can see, the fan engagement is the highest if your posts are shorter than 70 characters.


      2. Ask questions

Facebook is a social platform, so I can highly encourage you to ask questions in your posts. It will boost the amount of fan engagement, increase your reach and drive free traffic to your posts. 

What you shouldn’t do:

  • These strategies will help you to get more visitors
  • In this article you will discover how to lose weight fast
  • These three tools will help you growing your fan base

What you should do:

  • No traffic? Check out these strategies to get more website visitors
  • Getting ready for summer? Learn how to lose weight fast
  • No Fans? These three tools will help you growing your fan base

See? This style is far more engaging!

       3. It’s about timing

Check out your internal Facebook fanpages stats and see when your fans are online. To extend the reach of your posts, post one hour before most of your fans are active. In this case, I’d post between 9-10 am to reach the most amount of people organically.



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