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Kiss Sándor

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Case Study

Here’s a short & sweet case study for you!

Start the audience research by listing the five biggest competitors in your niche market.

Assumed your business is in the social media marketing niche, we listed the top 5 websites for you. Make sure to check them out and learn why they are so successful. We also included brief explanations what we like about these fan pages the most.

#1 Social Media Examiner


One of the biggest players in the market is Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner tries to educate their audience on all kinds of social media marketing. What I like the most about them is their content strategy. They provide tremendous amount of value by posting relevant content on both their blog and fan page. You should also check out their podcast series!


#2 Jon Loomer


If you are intro Facebook Marketing, you’ve probably heard of Jon Loomer. Jon is writing expert articles on Facebook Advertising. He has a large following and is absolutely killing with with his fan page promoting his own products and coachings.


#3 Amy Porterfield


The next social media marketing veteran is called Amy Porterfield. She has around 140k fans on Facebook and mastered the art of engaging content, which builds strong bonds with her clients. You can definitely learn a lot from how she speaks to her incredibly loyal audience.

#4 Digital Marketer



The genius behind Digital Marketer is Ryan Deiss. One focus of his company is social media marketing, traffic generation and boosting (social) engagement. As you will see, Ryan focuses on providing actionable content on his blog. He’s building trust and selling his products in the backend. Check him out!


#5 Mari Smith


Last but not least, there is Mari Smith. Mari’s blog has gathered a couple of awards and she managed to build a large following around her persona. As you can see, her fan page is very active and her fans love every piece of content that she shares.


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