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Kate Weybret

Photographer & Designer




Hi everyone! Here is my interpretation of the class assignment using the leek photos. I’ll add a descriptions for each stage of the assignment so you can get a feel for what I’m looking for.

Take your time between uploads if you want. It would be good to upload your moodpboard first and get some feedback before you shoot.


This moodboard is for overall color and lighting. I’ll be shooting leeks for my assignment and I want to highlight the beautiful, rich greens in the leek. I'll be using a darker color palette for my shoot.


Remember to look at resources other than just food photography for your moodboard. You can find inspiration for lighting and color in fashion and portraiture, composition in architectre, and styling in graphic design!



Feel free to tell us how your shoot went and how you think your body of work looks! Remember, in the next section we'll do a self critique and talk about our best and worst images. If you share your images on Instagram, be sure to use the class hashtags: #minimalistfoodXskillshare and #skillshare. Feel free to tag me too so I can see what you're up to! @_kateemma


best photo


This one may not be my best image, but it is my favorite. I'm very happy with the overall styling and love how it shows the transition from white to green throughout the leek. I decided not to include it in my final body of work because the overall square composition doesn't flow with the rest of my images, and I feel my overview shot captures that gradient effectively, so I didn't need to show it twice. 

worst photo


Although the subject itself is very interesting, overall this image isn't working. The lighting is flat and needed to be more dramatic to show off the color and texture of the inside of the leek. I also missed focus a bit and the right side is blurred. 

Remember, your best and worst photos don't have to be photos from your final body of work. Your best photo may have not made the cut into your final 5 because, for example, it didn't flow well with the rest of your finals.


I made my leeks into a delicious leek and potato soup and composted the pieces that couldn't be used in the recipe!

Just for fun, share a recipe if you have one!


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