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It is time for a short & sweat case study! I’ll show you why the skin-care niche is a great market to build your first business around.

Step 1: Niche Ideas

I started by doing a little research on Clickbank & Amazon in the beauty category to get some niche ideas.

The top 10 potential sub-niches that I identified are the following: 

  • Skin Whitening
  • Cellulite
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Hair grow
  • Facelift (without surgery)
  • Anti-aging / skin care
  • Healthy eating
  • Styling
  • Make-up

Something that was very striking during the research, is that the skin-care / anti-aging niche showed up over and over again across all platforms (more than any other of the categories listed).

While I believe that any niche of the ones mentioned would be great fit for a new business, I’ll just stick to the market data and analyze further if the skin-care niche is truly as great as it sounds.

Step 2: Five Questions to Ask 

Let’s continue by asking 5 questions to see whether the niche has some solid potential. If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, then we found a winner!

  1. Is the niche evergreen & trending?

It’s no big secret that the beauty niche is very evergreen. One of the things women go crazy for is – surprise, surprise – skin creams! Actually, I haven’t met a woman who isn’t using a skin cream on a daily basis. Besides that, women spend a ton of money on these types beauty products.

Now, if you go to and check out the beauty > skin care category, you’ll see something very striking.

The bestsellers at the moment are anti-aging products. Women want to preserve their youthful look and don’t get older, no matter what. You’ll discover that there are many anti-aging creams in different variations (anti-aging + organic ingredients or Vitamin C or a facial moisturizer), but bottom line is: anti-aging rocks. 

A quick search on Google Trends also reveals, that anti-aging seems is a trending & evergreen topic. I just entered “anti-aging” on and this nice graph popped up. As you can see, there is a growing demand for anti-aging products: 


       2. Is the niche solving a problem?

The skin-care market is definitely no niche that is just interesting.

It’s solving a very fundamental problem: the older we get, the worse our skin gets. While this is true for all people, women tend to care a little bit more about this fact than men. 

       3. Does the niche trigger emotions?

Just recently I stumbled across a scientific article proving a link between depression and bad skin. Apparently, for a growing number of people, bad skin can weigh much heavier on the mind.

Besides that, the benefits we associate with healthy and youthful skin are emotionally connected: women feel more attractive, confident and stronger.

Without this fact, it most certainly wouldn’t be possible to sell skin creams upwards of 1000 dollars per unit. 

       4. Are people sharing content on social networks?

During research, I also stumbled across many YouTube bloggers making a living just by recording videos on various skin care and anti-aging topics. The activity on that topic on Youtube is quit remarkable.

Moreover, there are tons of fan pages on Facebook.

Let me just list a few:

      5. Are there enough products to cross-promote?

I would even say there are way too many products you could cross-promote. 

Every larger beauty company has a affiliate program. There are a lot of products listed on Amazon, info-products on ClickBank and even an infinite amount of CPA offers on Offervault.

So you’ll definitely not run short on products to promote.


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