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It is time for a short & sweat case study! I’ll show you why anti-aging products rock and why it’s a great sub-niche to generate lots of money on Amazon very easily.

Are skin creams hot and selling?

It’s no big secret that the beauty niche is very profitable.

One of the things women go crazy for is – surprise, surprise – skin creams! Actually, I haven’t met a woman who isn’t using a skin cream on a daily basis. Besides that, women spend a ton of money on these types beauty products.

Now, if you go to and check out the beauty > skin care category, you’ll see something very striking.

The bestsellers at the moment are anti-aging products. Women want to preserve their youthful look and don’t get older, no matter what. You’ll discover that there are many anti-aging creams in different variations (anti-aging + organic ingredients or Vitamin C or a facial moisturizer), but bottom line is: anti-aging rocks.

A quick search on Google Trends also reveals, that anti-aging seems is a trending & evergreen topic. I just entered “anti-aging” on and this nice graph popped up. As you can see, there is a growing demand for anti-aging products:

In a nutshell: anti-aging skin creams are selling like crazy on Amazon. And Google proves us right that this trend won’t stop in the near future. 

Can anti-aging products be white-labeled? 

There are tons of companies that can white-label anti-aging products. Here’s one that I found: Sarati Private Label ( They have a variety of great organic anti-aging products available. I particularly like one of their top sellers:

Can I order small quantities? 

Yes, it’s possible! I can order up to 5 samples to test whether it’s a company I want to work with and there’s nothing wrong with the product before making a bigger order.

Is there are big profit potential?

With anti-aging, sky is the limit. I’ve seen creams selling for 1.000 Dollars from Estee Lauder. Believe it or not, people buy these creams on a regular basis.

But the standard price range is between 20 to 80 dollars, which is fantastic. The profit margins are really great in that market.

Is it a problem women buy again & again?

Here’s the cool thing about skin creams: women buy skin creams over and over again. But besides that, very often they stick to a particular brand until the rest of their life.

So if your client likes your skin cream, chances are that you’ve just got a lifetime customer bringing you thousands of dollars of profit for the next 30 years.

Is it a lightweight?

Yes, it’s a pretty small package. Shipping will be very cheap.

Is the product unbreakable?

It’s pretty much unbreakable. The material is very solid and it doesn’t break very easily.

Are there upsell possibilities?

The beauty market offers an infinite potential of upsell possibilities. There are brightening creams, deep wrinkle creams, face and neck firming lotion, etc. You can even cross-sell hair treatment products, body lotions, etc.

Think outside the box!

Is there competition?

The beauty niche market is very competitive, which is good as we learned. There are a few big fish, but it’s not totally dominated by them. There are also many small brands making millions of dollars of profit every year.


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