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SAMPLE PROJECT: Zombie Run iPhone game


Zombie Run is a scary maze game for iPhone. In this game, you have to find your way to the portal and save ladies hidden in the maze. You have to run away from zombies!

Students should know what they are working on from the very beginning. Here's an example of the gameplay students will see right in the first chapter! Zombie Run gameplay

In this sample project, I described the content of each chapter. Even though each chapter has its own mini project they are all building block for the whole solid story - the final iPhone game!

Chapter 01:

Download Xcode, create the developer account at developer.apple.com. Start Xcode and create default SpriteKit game as you learned in this chapter.

Chapter 02:

Create the first level of the game with the background and the player.

Chapter 03:

Create animated player and the zombie.

Chapter 04:

Add the walls to the scene, to create obstacles for the player.

Chapter 05:

Implement what will happen when the zombie bites the player.

Chapter 06:

Add the portal to the game, so the player can get out of the maze.

Chapter 07:

Add the camera to the game, so the player can see only a small portion of the whole level which makes the game even creepier!

Chapter 08:

Add two more lives for the player so he won't die immediately after the first zombie bite!

Chapter 09:

Add footsteps to the game or choose a different helper, like breadcrumbs.

Chapter 10:

Add the second level to the game.

Chapter 11:

Create the content for the second level. Change the location of the portal and make your unique set of walls.

Chapter 12:

Add collectable hearts on the floor, so the player can increase the number of his lives by collecting them!

Chapter 13:

Add the lady to the game the player should find and rescue.

Chapter 14:

You need to add the third level to the game all by yourself. Later come back and check if you did everything the right way!

Chapter 15:

Make your icons for the game and publish it on the App Store.



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