[SAMPLE PROJECT] The freedom of birds

[SAMPLE PROJECT] The freedom of birds - student project

[SAMPLE PROJECT] The freedom of birds - image 1 - student project

I had so much fun making this with you live! :) 
I started out with the shapes on the left, just feeling the graphite slide across the page, and the watercolor, repeating and also varying shapes. 

A few days prior I'd seen a bird with really long legs and found it very inspiring - so I decided to incorporate a version of that bird as the figurative element of my painting! Of course, I extended the legs WAY more than what it looked like in reality, simply because that's the magic of drawing: we can transform reality and play around with exaggerating things we see in real life! 
I then worked on finding ways to 'connect' the figurative element with the abstract elements on the left. In order to do that I incorporated the 'shapes' of the abstract elements into my figurative elements (using circular lines), but also adding vertical lines across the entire drawing to also echo the long legs of my bird. Finally I used COLOR to draw them together. 

I look forward to seeing your version of this exercise and remember that you can do it over and over again, finding new ways of exploring your creativity, each and every time! 
With love


[SAMPLE PROJECT] The freedom of birds - image 2 - student project

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