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Andrew Bespalov

Educational Psychologist and Thinking Trainer



SAMPLE PROJECT My Celebrities Mnemonic

1) List a couple of situations or spheres where you could use some aid from mnemonic.

  • Memorizing names & last names of the people I meet
  • Active listening
  • Remembering number of last finished file of an audiobook I currently listen
  • Remember what to check when I leave home for weekend

2) Pick one of them and write what type of mnemonic would you choose to design for this particular task. Why have you chosen this type over others?

Remembering number of last finished file of an audiobook I currently listen.

I will create hooks for numbers from 00 to 99 for remembering last digits of the number. Two digits are enough because I always know on which file I stopped rounded to hundreds, its last pair of digits creates  problems :)

For this purpose I decide to pick movie stars (because I already know a lot of them). Frist letter of the name corresponds to first digit of the number and the first digit of the last name corresponds to second digit of the number.

I would also be able to use this system for memorizing other two digit numbers throughout the day: numbers of pages, number of a locker at the train station etc.

3) Now you got to actually create the mnemonic device and add the result to your project.

Here's the link to my mnemonic system:

4) Optional: test your system and tell how it works

Works fine. The only thing is that when I have been creating this system I picked Kirsten Dunst for 71, but while using this system I noticed that it's Cameron Diaz comes first to my mind, so I changed 71 to Cameron Diaz.


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