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Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur





Congratulations on taking action! Now that you are just about to launch your first retargeting campaign, we put together a small case study that will show how you should deploy retargeting to grow your business. 

#1 Promote Your Content

Are you a blogger? Or maybe content is a major part of your marketing strategy? Great! Then just go ahead and promote your content to your website visitors! Just do it like my friend Jon Loomer:


Top Tip: To leverage your content, create a new retargeting list for every single piece of content you publish. This will give you the possibility to launch more precise retargeting campaigns.

#2 Promote Your Squeeze Page

Are you in the process of building up your email list? Just send the visitors that didn’t opt in back to the squeeze page or a brand new offer.


Top Tip: If your squeeze page isn’t converting, then you should pause your retargeting ads and start split-testing different squeeze pages. Apparently there is a reason why you are seeing a low conversion rate and people don’t want to opt in. Try different headlines, list different benefits and work on the graphics of your landing page. Last but not least, test a different lead magnet if neither of these help.

#3 Promote Your Products And Services

Are you selling products or services? Great, because retargeting is probably the best way to grow your online sales. Create retargeting ads and try to win back prospects who hit your offer page but didn’t buy.



Top Tip: Instead of sending your visitors back to the offer and asking for the full price, offer 20% discount. If your business can afford that, then you’ll see it as an absolute conversion booster! You can even add a timer or end-date in order to create some scarcity.


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