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Promoted Posts are a great way to give your business more exposure. While the average wall posts will only reach a small percentage of your fans, a promoted post has the ability to reach more of your fans - and even you non-fans.

Bottom line: use promoted posts to ensure your most important messages reach your target audience.

Obviously, there are no restrictions to what you can and should promote. However, in this case study we want to point out three different Facebook posts you should promote every time.

#1 A Post That Leads To Your Lead Magnet

The money is in the list – and promoted posts are a great way to give your squeeze page more exposure!

Top Tip: promote your squeeze page to your fans. These are the people who will most likely opt-in. If you want to get a bit more advanced, then create a custom audience and exclude your current email subscribers from the targeting.

#2 A Post That Leads To A Webinar


Running and promoting webinars is the latest trend in digital marketing. If you have a webinar in place, just use promoted posts to get people to register. Believe it or not, but there’s probably no better way to give your webinar more visibility!

#3 A Post With A Discount For New Customers 


It’s not easy to sell on Facebook. However, to make the customer acquisition process more efficient, you can simply link to a lower-ticket offer and add a discount for new customers. This can be particularly powerful if you promote that posts to your fans that didn’t make a purchase yet. 

Posting Tricks

Let’s go over some best practices of posting real quickly:

Include a call to action. Tell Facebook users what action you want them to complete. This little trick will reach the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign, so go a head and do it! 

Post an eye-catching image. Images are king on Facebook. When you craft a post and you want to get it ready for promotion, make sure to include a visually appealing picture. This additional effort will result in more likes, shares and clicks.

Post with a video. You think pictures are too boring? Well, then feel free to include a video in your post. This can be a powerful strategy if you are promoting a product or service on Facebook!


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