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SAMPLE PROJECT "Bun in the oven"

First, I choose for my illustration the "Drawing phrases" strategy.
Then, I selected the phrase "Bun in the oven".
And this was my process:
Bun in the oven
She has a bun in the oven
She has something cooking
She's the oven  (This is my idea)

My topic was pregnancy, family and kitchen stuff. Pregnancy is pretty obvious. So for family I drew a scene when the parents find out the news, also the reaction of the parents. For kitchen stuff you can see the kitchen gloves. I brought to life my characters and gave them personality in their expressions, their reactions and the figure I gave to the father.
Of course my project was a skillshare class.
My technique was drawing pens.
I added some lettering to the illustration so it supports the understanding of the concept.
I used outline as the entire illustration.
And I selected an only outline style.

I choose a horizontal format because I wanted to draw a scene between characters.
My composition strategy was leading lines, so the lines in my secondary characters point to my main character, also the lines in the kitchen gloves.
I selected the eye level view so I could place the scene right in front of the viewer, also because I didn't need the psychological effect of the views for this illustration.
I framed as a long shot because I wanted context and not so much detail.
And for color, black and white because that was the idea for the project.

And this is my final illustration:


I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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