{SAMPLE} NYC Art Therapist Shot Logging

{SAMPLE} NYC Art Therapist Shot Logging		 - student project

Intro - Dream/Background

When I was 27, I read James Joyce's (Book) `Portrait of the ARTIST as a young man' The book tells about himself, when he comes to recognize that he's an Artist.And the way he feels is ok because it always felt different than everybody else.

Body - Problem

and I had this experience all my life too. What's the meaning of the way they talk like a stranger. The way I talk to originally, it was most comfortable for me to talk almost like a poem People don't understand and I thought I was stupid when I was young, ( I feel) something was wrong, you know I think there is a very short to the beginning, It's more like a song of in an Island about a car on the hill something like that

Conclusion - Solution

He says when you pee in your pants, at first, it's Hot and then it's Cold That's how he learned about the world! After I read this book, I calm down.Because I realized `Oh`(=Ah Ha)

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Yukiko Sato
StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer