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SAMPLE Keywording Project - student project

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SAMPLE Keywording Project - image 1 - student projectMY SAMPLE KEYWORDING PROJECT:

SAMPLE Keywording Project - image 2 - student project

Hand picking ripe tomato from vine, Close Up

tomato, red, fresh, vine, hand, Caucasian, pick, remove, harvest, freshness, garden, green, closeup, close up, close-up, detail, person, food, plant, day, outdoor, season, healthy, ripe, juicy, vegetable, background, soft focus, shallow depth, shallow focus, organic, fruit, agriculture, agricultural, farm, bright, colorful, color, leaf, tasty, delicious, crop, summer, nature, farmer, growth, grow

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SAMPLE Keywording Project - image 3 - student project

Tortellini and Butternut Squash in steaming pot, Close Up Slider Right

tortellini, pasta, butternut squash, squash, simmer, pot, close up, water, nobody, no people, piece, closeup, close-up, detail, macro, vegetable, ingredient, indoors, cook, homemade, orange, steam, hot, recipe, slow motion, slowmo, slomo, slow, healthy, traditional, meal, lunch, dinner, movement, move, selective focus, slider, slide, sideways, gourmet, cuisine, right, left to right, delicious, texture, blur, blurry, soft focus

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SAMPLE Keywording Project - image 4 - student project

Mojave Desert Cloud Time Lapse with cactus and butte, California

Mojave, desert, time lapse, timelapse, cactus, cloud, cloudy, sky, butte, mountain, hill, day, winter, time-lapse, blue, Mojave Desert, outdoors, scenic, landscape, copy space, copyspace, background, nobody, no people, California, nature, wilderness, Utah, Arizona, wild, environment, barren, arid, wide shot, southwest, plant, flora, concept, passing of time, grey, gray, overcast, fluffy, cumulous, sun, sunshine, sunlight, bright

(48 tags)


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