{SAMPLE} Big Smile by Deaf Worker

{SAMPLE} Big Smile by Deaf Worker		 - student project

Intro - Dream/Background

When I was 4th grade in a local erementary school, my parents are building a new house. We lived in temporaly place where next to the Cattle farm owned by my grandfather. We shared the kitchen with his workers at the cattle farm. There was a deaf worker who feed cattles every morning and night.

Body - Problem

He always smiled us whenever we see each others. Even my brother was making fun of him, he still smiles to us. When I become 5th grade, I found out that the deaf worker at my grandfather's farm is my new classmate's uncle. They lived in same house but he never want to talk about his uncle.

Conclusion - Solution

Next day, I saw his deaf uncle with big beautiful smile. He never shows his sad face even if he can't hear anything. This experience provoke me to think being happy to others is very important thing in the life

iPhone Story Video about this Story >> https://youtu.be/4PBsnygbJSo

Yukiko Sato
StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer