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SADLER. Six letters long. Six members strong. Sixteen legs. Two tails. One tale:

We're based out of Manchester, UK...well at least that's where the not-so-secret overground lair is hidden in plain view in suburbia. 

Mum, Dad, Son, Kid Sister, Two Dogs. That's the family for now, and who this crest/logo/coat of arms is all about. Hopefully some snot nosed Sadler kid, with a lack of respect for his ancestors, comes along in a few generations and makes something else that reflects the probably half-man, half-machine incarnation of the 22nd century Sadler gang. 


So checking out examples of traditional Sadler coats of arms, and the Manchester one too, there's a few key themes. 

1 - Lots and lots of overly fancy frilly bullshit. No thanks. That's not us.

2 - Lions. YAAAAAWN. Dogs > Cats.

3 - Some sort of fancy medieval headwear to protect the domes of the Sadlers of Christmas past.

The head protection was the first thing to get flipped around - the main thing you need protecting from around our part of the world is the rain, so umbrellas immediately came to mind, as did the house I grew up in - pretty much the Sadler safehouse and scene of all of the ups and downs that we've been through. These two elements pretty much dominated my thinking in terms of how to compose the central section of the piece, and below are some of the early sketches. Turn your head sideways and LOOK HOW GOOD I CAN DRAW!


As you can see below, I have incorporated the umbrella / house combo into the general shape of the shield, using them to divide the internal area. 

As for what's in each bit, this was a long drawn out affair, and the main reason I'm pushing my luck with this deadline - there were all kinds of ideas I had, got made in Illustrator, looked pretty good.....but ultimately didn't really feel right. Turns out it's more difficult than I though to boil down what makes us unique, and as this piece is being used as a part of the Christmas gifts for the gang, I wasn't ready to half-ass, so kept plugging away until there were two things that really connected. The dogs were getting represented from DAY FREAKING ONE, no questions asked. 

That stuff up there is just a small amount of the things created in illustrator as a part of the progress of the logo - I had a blast chopping and changing and working on this, but I'm also looking forward to having a blast eating the delicious and nutritious frozen pizza that's currently cooking, so I NEED TO HURRY THE HELL UP AND FINISH THE STORY ALREADY!

So, to the ideas:

The dog paw - canines have always been a HUGE part of the Sadler gang, and are just the best guys to have around the house (also cleverly denoted by the "42" at the bottom....

The finger - When I think of a common bond that we all have (apart from the hounds, but they're learning), it's the enjoyment we all get from sharing the sounds and smells of the good old 'pull my finger' game. From Father to Son, Daughter to Mother, Husband to Wife, this is universally met with THE LOUDEST LAUGH YOU HAVE EVER HEARD.

The tree type thing - This is to symbolise what will simply be referred to as "the cauliflower incident'. Unless you marry into the family, or hold us hostage, that's all you'll ever know.

"In a bottle on the roof" - The stock answer given to Sadler Juniors when questioning where either one of their parents were, regardless of whether they were out running errands, at friends, or taking a shit.

With the general composition in place, it was time to make it fit the mood of the family: strong, bold personalities, not fancy or fussy, and super tight. So I wanted to give the laurel a bit more punch and balance the weight of the whole damn thing out. It's going on the kitchen wall at 42, and I'm hoping it makes my Ma cry when she sees it (one way or the other), so here we have it:

And with a bit of colour - with a nod to the gold that was prevalent in the good old fashioned coats of arms, and the red for Manchester:

Sadler family coat of arms - DONE.


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