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It took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted my quote to be. I scoured Pinterest and went to my favorite verses, but wasn't really feeling inspired. Finally I remembered that my mom's birthday's coming soon and so I thought maybe I would have this be a present for her. That also gives me a goal to finish it by. It also justifies the money I spent on tools. ;-) her favorite activity is knitting, and one of her favorite people in the world is Stephanie Pearl McPhee, a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot. My mom has an immense stash of yarn. Now that my sister and I knit she has said we will get it when she dies, but until that day we're really not allowed to use any of her yarn. As far as I can tell, the acronym stable is attributed to Stephanie Pearl McPhee. It means, "stash acquisition beyond life expectancy." Basically, you own more yarn then you will ever be able to knit in your lifetime. So, I figured my mom deserves a medal for having reached that milestone. In fact, she has reached it twice. 

2/5/14: Now that I know what my quote is, I was able to search Pinterest for images using the keywords "yarn harlot, yarn stash, military metals, tombstones, and old cemeteries." I created a mood board there using some of those images. I also did my lettering warm-up using the word sable.

2/8/14: Finally got my compass, ruler, etc, so I can start on my thumbnails. I think I pit more work into thumbnails than they require...but I'm a perfectionist. I uploaded the pic to FB to get feedback. I like the bottom left the best, and they unanimously agreed. 

2/10/14: I worked on further developing my sketch. I found a font from Tombstone (the movie) that was on my mood board that I liked. I also used swirls from ironwork from a cemetery picture in my mood board. I turned the circles into balls of yarn, so it would look like a lot of yarn. 


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