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SA Types - Adventures in Drawingland

Just a little background: I am an accountant by trade, but I also studied art in college.  I really did not embrace the study of art when I was in school, and I shunned it for its "impractability" when I graduated.  I eventually went back to school, and now i work 40 hours a week in a cubicle doing math (I know you're jealous).  I left art alone for a long time, and I'm trying to get back on that horse - it makes me happy and although I could never consider myself an artist, I'll settle for "creative".  Or maybe just being a little less boring of an accountant. :)  

I incorporated trianges and circles in my "square" drawing page and gave myself 15 minutes (instead of the 5) to complete.  I fell a little short, and left 4 squares unfinished.  Oh well - this did get creative juices flowing and I enjoyed the practice. :)

I copied this type from a pinterest page that an acquaintance who runs a printmaking business in Boston called Old Try.  I love his and his wife's work, and have purchased several of their prints.  Anyway, this was some type he had pinned and I liked it so I drew it.  I didn't want to use any color but it needed somthing so I did some hatching to create a some interest. 

I saw this type in New Orleans when I was down there last summer.  It was an old ad on the side of a brick building - I thought it was so cool.  The ad said, "The new drink; Emerson's Ginger Mint Julep; Delicious - Refreshing - Quenches". I didn't really clean this up - I left all the sketch marks so I could sort of see the progression of the sketch.

I'm also doing a map making class and I'm originally from Mississippi.  This is an attempt to combine the two.  I like the drawing of the state, not so sure about the type in it though.  But it was fun to do the outline of the river, and drawing the map brought memories of a Mississippi studies class we were forced to take in high school.  We had to draw Mississippi with all the counties and we got to color!! How fun for a freshman in high school, right?


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