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Nimsey Davis

Director of S4TOR1



S4TOR1 clothing | The BREAKTHROUGH Summer 13 Chapter Lookbook


Hey everyone! My name is Nimsey of S4TOR1 (pronounced as Satori) Clothing.. And I would like to present to you the S4TOR1 Breakthrough Collection Lookbook photos as my final project.

Inspirations / Moodboards & A little about the Brand and Collection

The collection is all about who you are and where you are in your life, more importantly being proud of it. I feel as as a Creative, our profession is sometimes underminded. 'Only a handful can ever be successful, and those people are the ones you see now on tv etc' As a kid I figured the world would rather you study maths than music. They found it hard to appreciate the hard work, effort, focus, and brainwork that actually goes into coming up with a logo or producing a dope track. And they tend to not teach you the true meaning of Success, I believe its a personal thing. Someone being a Manager in a company is no more successful than someone making a living off selling their own tees or photographing dope streetwear brands. Even if the money isnt the same earned, it still doesnt make anyone less successful. So long as its truly what You want to do, then thats you becoming successful.

The collection and brand has become our canvas to tell brief stories of this journey we live and experience.

As for the inspiration board, I have selected a few photos from other lookbooks that instantly catch my eye and inspire me to create a simliar mood or message for S4TOR1.

As seen below

Seeing as the first ever print S4TOR1 made was of a broken wall with 'a brighter view/vision' or 'enlightenment' behind it, I instantly become drawn to a friend of mines lookbook, a clothing brand called DIRTY LONDON of www.dirtylondon.co.uk . I think it was taken in Bricklane, an area quite 'urban'. Alot of streets, undercover retail shops that not everyone will be aware of unless your 'about that life'. Its where alot of Creatives will hang out, take on creative projects etc.

The scenery and background, is something that for sure inspires me. Obviously the garms are what we are selling but I tend to drift off and have a wonder of what else is going on around it. It enhances the story that has been created. I like to try recognise if I know the location the shots had been taken. It becomes alittle more personal, knowing I was once there it blossoms a mutual thing. I feel part of it all, like we are on the same track. 

Being so big on backgrounds/texture and location I did a quick look on where I would possibly consider taking the photos. The locations were Shoreditch and South Bank mostly.


My desired checkilst will be:

Close ups (garms)

Full body Street shots

Close up body shots

Side view, angle

Behind View

Final Project

This is all still very new to me and I have so much to learn. Its a pleasure watching what everyone else is doing. The Breakthrough Collection is still growing so I will be here for a while, continously updating. Your feedbacks along the way would be greatly appreciated

So heres whats been happening from the very beginning til now

I think I will be needing some help in narrowing down further which photos to finally choose. I was told to pick my favourite ones, and all of these are Lol...

Feel free to ask any questions also, or just netwrorking. Add, follow S4TOR1 on twitter, IG and FB..do it all. S/Os to Kase Mary and Tia Mota for the continous support as well as Miss Tasha Bleu :)

Where else to find us:

Twitter and IG: @TeamS41

Store: www.store.s4tor1.com


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