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Damien X. Hernandez

Founder/Designer/Creative Director





We are currently going through the first phase of the project and are really trying to decide on a direction for the brand that will also represent our name.

In using  "SOL", our concern is being able to own the name in the future. We are currently brainstorming ideas to add another element to the name that would serve as a slogan, as well as seperate the brand from other companies that may be using the common spanish noun of SOL (Sun). Such as the mexican beer company, who currently have a trademark on SOL for apparel and accessories. 

We hope to keep SOL as we are drawn to it's strength as well as what it represents for us ethnically and geographically (nothing represents Arizona better than the sun). So we have decided to dive deeper into the direction of our brand and use a Slogan with the acronym S.O.L. 

We are currently brainstorming ideas and I'll be sure to post here to get some feedback. 


S.O.L. is a concept I have had stirring in my mind since 2011 when I self produced the first piece under the name SOL. The T-shirt and promo material (stickers and posters) set the stage for what I wanted to become -a hand made DIY project made simply for the love of the art. 

After some guerrilla promoting and backyard printing of our "RAPTURED BY THE SOL SKULL" T-shirt we were able to release a very small run (We printed them foolishly and enthusiastically in our backyard in the middle of the Arizona summer, so by 'small run' I mean VERY small run ) and sold them mostly to family and friends. 

Since it has become nothing more than a empty shelf collecting layers of creative dust. Used as a place, and a somewhat name/brand, for any mind dump of ideas, designs, projects, or whatever. Over the past few years it has gone through many changes, but none have stuck or made it into any further production. 

It was not until recently that we decided to try and take it a step further and build a solid brand with all new concepts as well as the ones we have been sitting on for some time, but with so much material going in a number of directions we are struggling with really finding an identity.

Scrap everything and start new or build on blocks we already have? 

& that brings us here.


Great to join the class & I look forward to seeing everyone elses projects. Feel free to leave any feeback as it is greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to do the same. 



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