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S in B&W

Hey all,

Here are my chosen photos for the class project, all taken on the streets of Toronto. Currently I'm shooting with a Fujifilm X-T1 and am using a 56mm f1.2 for portraits (~85mm equivalent) and a 16mm f1.4 for landscapes (~24mm equivalent). I hope you'll all enjoy the shots!


Here's my good friend S in one of our many beautiful alleyways in downtown Toronto. The weather was a bit dreary that day, so we were both a little bundled up. To be honest, I loved the subdued and natural tones in the full colour version of this shot, but the black and white treatment really brought out the emotion and texture.



Black & White:



While S and I were out walking, it started to rain lightly. We quickly found shelter inside a turnstile in front of a bank. Separated by a pane of glass, I saw an opportunity to capture a candid moment as S was brushing herself off. The black and white treatment really helped to remove the distractions of colour in the background and bring focus to S, her expression of relief, and the beautiful reflections of light around us.



Black & White:



How do you even choose between any two hot dog vendors, let alone when they're this close to each other? This scene amused me enough to prompt me to switch to my wide lens and fire off a few shots. It's easy to see how the black and white treatment here really helps to isolate the main characters of the story – the two hot dog vendors. The moon and the backlit exhaust clouds were a nice bonus.



Black & White:


Thanks for reading! You can find more of my photography work on Instagram, where I'm constantly experimenting with new techniques.


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