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Só - The Zine

Dear Class.

A dear friend of mine from Brazil asked me to create some visuals to his first zine. The theme is on Loneliness&Being alone. It's in Portuguese. I am trying to come up with a consistent visual branding for the zine. Here are some work-in-progress sketches, as well inspirations.


The cover title is Só (loneliness/alone in Portugese). I made the stroke a figure sitting on top of the O to convey a sense of loneliness. 

Sample line drawings to explore visual styles for illustrations I am drawn to: lines with a bit of abstractions.

Title for the first poem Gemido Vazio (Empty Loan). I made the word Gemido(loan) with some roughness expressed through the hairy line strokes and made the word Vazio(empty) hollow.

Poem about Snobs. I made the whole content in a shape of a snob's nose shape. Still playing around with the shapes of the letters in the poem, trying the make them more expressive.

Title for poem Solidao(loneliness). I made the letters separate from each other to create a sense of solitude and distance. 

In the last poem, there is a line says, "for loneliness has become me." So an image of figure with its shadow comes to mind, where I feel it fits the content.


Here're some styles I like regarding this project.

Like the visual style and the content itself is very similar to the one I have for last poem.

Drawn to abstract and expressive line strokes.

Like a bit mix of fidelity. Collage.


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