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Tommy Säl

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Sähl – Few words and Forests

Being Swedes naturally make our gatherings quite peaceful. No wild debates, no stepping on toes and definitly no kazoing. 

But, what we lack in social skills we make up for in nature ones. Our family tree (no pun) mostly consist of forest watchers and forest owners. 

So theres no fun saying in my crest and no references to weird hobbies like collecting turtlenecks or hopsktoch. Just me and my two brothers to the left, my mom and dad to the right – and a majestic pine in the middle. 

(And our name, Sähl, comes from a village up north in Dalarna, Sweden. My great-great-grandfather picked that name cause he was tired of getting everyone elses mail – they were all named Eriksson in that area, including himself).


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