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Ryane's Interior Styling Project

Styling example / inspirational photo

Needs - Space to sit and relax

Shape - The slightly sweeping arms of the couch are echoed in the upswept side of the dish on the coffee table and the softness of the pillows, rug and the repeating pattern of wavy overlapping lines on the light-filtering curtains balances the angles on the coffee table and the gallery frames.

Color - Colors are neutral for the most part, even the yellow is earthy and is echoed in the tones of gold and brass used in the gallery wall frames.

Pattern - The unexpected leopard print seems slightly unbalanced against the pillows on the opposite side of the couch, however, it's darker brown tones draw the eye down to the coffee table as they share similar colors.

Texture - The white and yellow pillows are balanced against each other on the couch, yet are different textures which gives visual interest.  The furry pillow and white shag rug are harmonious.

Placement - The overall tone of this space is very neutral and therefore the eye is naturally drawn to the most patterned item in the photo - the leopard print pillow.  From that point, the eye is systematically drawn upward and to the right past the yellow flowers and up the wall, back down again to the couch and then down to the coffee table.

Bling - Mixed metals are used in the gallery frames and the small glass candle holders behind the couch reflect light and add a bit of sparkle.

Botanicals - The Yellow flowers in the vase behind the couch echo the accent color in the pillows on the couch and draw the eye upward to the gallery wall.


I recently painted the walls of my bedroom a color called Kendall Charcoal that I discovered via Pinterest and hung some artwork above my bed, but I never finished the over all "bedroom make-over" project.  I have a hand-me-down bedside table which is pretty special because my grandfather made it.  I'd ultimately like to paint and/or refinish it and change out the hardware -  I would love to give it a campaign-style look.  I don't *DO* a lot in bed, other than the obvious - sleep.  So the functionality portion of this project may trip me up - because it's too simple and I'm over-thinking it? - but I'm going to give it the ole college try!


Console - BEFORE

This was supposed to be a workspace in my bedroom but I've learned that it's just not large enough to be functional for that purpose, so it's transitioned into a landing spot for my odds and ends (I cleaned up for the photo so people could actually SEE the console!).  I LOVE my ghost chair to death and I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to buy more for our dining room (when we move in together, that is).


Couch - BEFORE

I currently live with a roomate and this area is shared but is her furniture.  She's totally ok with me using our shared space to experiment with styling for the class, so a big "thank you" to her!  This isn't exactly my style, however, so it will be a challenge for me!


Coffee Table - BEFORE

Again, this is a shared space and I'm not working with my own furniture or accessories


Bookshelves - BEFORE

This is just a mess, yes.  These are the only bookshelves in the house and after a recent small renovation they never really got put back together like they should have, so it's just a big conglomeration of stuff from here and there all over the house.  THIS is, by far, going to be my biggest challenge - so much so that I'm playing with the idea of focusing my energy on one section of these shelves and then after class is over, expanding to the other three sections.  Staring at this photo is daunting!


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