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Ryan Maskell

Multimedia Designer



Ryan Maskell Designer

So this is my first Skillshare project! I wanted to learn a bit more about typography and refine my skills, plus getting a new business card design out is always exciting and refreshing! I have been doing Graphic Design for about 3 years and just got my Associates Degree in it, so I am not a beginner per se, but I think one can always learn more!

I started with the basics, and put them on a Vertical Business card, which I am usually fond of and started working it around:

So I tried thise variations with the fonts Eurostile and Futura, I like the one with the black background. But for the grid to work the text has to be so small. So I took it into a horizontal layout to try and get that text bigger:

I also decided I liked Futura more than Eurostile.


That last one was cool, I even gained space to add my logo, but it has a "ugly rag" in a stair step formation, so I attempted to break that.


Then I just decided I would try something completely different, because I wasn't sure if I was feeling it.


I liked the idea of the type being big and bleeding over the edge, so I tried this next and even did a color one with a backside design as well:


Which I was kind of okay with, but it was a little messy, so I flipped it back to horizontal but kept the stacking:


And I think I really like this! It has some good negative space, its balanced, has interesting texture, color, and emphasis. As well as a little watermark on the back as if you are seeing through to the other side.

What do you think about my project? I am open to critique! :) 

EDIT 8/28 --

After working on this project EVEN MORE I have come up with more variations, and I changed the font to "Aldo the Apache" to match my logo better--

Then I threw them in some mockups to really get a feel for them--

I find I like the front of the first one, and the back of the second one... They don't work as well together though so at the moment I am going to step back and let them sit for the next week and I'll come back with fresh eyes. Comments & Critiuqe are appreciated and encouraged! :)


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