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Ryan Black - Five Strong Apparel - student project

Ryan Black - Five Strong Apparel - image 1 - student project

The brand I will be designing a new shirt for is my brand, Five Strong Apparel. It is a start up clothing line based out of Miami, FL. My brother and myself started this line, less than a year ago and have been trying to build an audience ever since. The name Five Strong comes from a term, coined by myself, referring to my four brothers and myself. Together, we are a family. Together, we are 5. Together, we are strong, and nothing can stop. We are Five Strong. Which refers to our main tagline “Family Above All.” We feel this allows a large number of people to relate to, IF they understand the name. I feel that this is a big issue looking back at our previous designs, because most of our shirts feature the name. And nobody recognizes the name or even understand it. This is my main concern moving forward. Not trying to sell the name, selling the design! The designs of the shirts reflect our attitudes as men, being strong, bold, some-what simple designs. They reflect our past of growing up in NY. However, they are all very text heavy, and simple. I intend to design a shirt that will reflect the brand’s concept of together as a family we are strong. Like an army. Maybe an army men concept? I definelty would like to be able to create a more recognizsble design, something that will stick in the viewer’s mind and stay there. I feel a more graphic approach will do that nicely. I will be attempting to portray the concept of family, in a graphical sense.