Rustic Study

Rustic Study - student project

A couple of years ago I had an urge to create a few stained wood backdrops and photograph some vintage books, so I thought why not to share some pics in the project for this class. 

This backdrop is super basic, and after watching your class I want to create a few more different ones based on your tips!;)


Rustic Study - image 1 - student project

Love this advert found in the Amateur Gardening Pocket Guide published back in 1942.


Rustic Study - image 2 - student project

Gray's Anatomy book which belonged to Dom's grandmother who was a doctor.


Rustic Study - image 3 - student project



Hoping to get my hands dirty and make some rusty metal backdrops at some point too, thanks a lot for the tips and ideas—your backdrops look awesome!;)



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