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Rustic Christmas

Master 5 Advanced Pattern Techniques - November 27th. 2017

Hi! I'm Lenore and I'll be working on some Christmas designs called Rustic Christmas for this class. I've taken all of Bonnie's classes and I'm very excited to get started with this one!

I'm semi retired this year and it's been really nice stepping into a new chapter of my life. I've been taking classes at Skillshare for a while now and from doing that I fell for fabric designing and watercolour painting. I've loved learning how to do both at my own pace. I'm hoping to incorporate my watercolour paintings into my surface design patterns but I really want to get fancy with Adobe Illustrator, too. 


This is my layered and textured pattern. I missed the dead line for the geometric and diagonal patterns. But I'll get to them--hopefully before the class is over. I'm showing this pattern in three sizes here. I think it would be sweet as wrapping paper or maybe a kiddie apron. Little flannel PJ's?  Totally cute!




Added some detail to my pine branch sketch. I always love this part of the process. Still have to ink my sketches this weekend. I wish I didn't  have to. I've noticed they seem to lose a little something when they're inked. 









From Designing Collections 

Just finished some watercolour illustrations for a kitchen collection I'm working on. I have quite a ways to go yet with lots more motifs to come. So far I'm very pleased with these Crimini mushrooms. 





Well, I'm still working on my coordinating fabrics for my Mayfield Park collection. I don't know if this is going to be part of it but I really like it. 


I'll have to create some connecting motifs if I want to include it. Or maybe I'll have to design two collections because this design seems to be much different from the other. 


Here I have three different colour schemes for my Blue Tambourine design. 


I think my favourite is this very pale yellow one. 


It's surprising to me how different the same design can look.


And here is the cover page for my look book. I really enjoyed working on this one. It's fun the way you can just move your motifs around to create something new. Gives a person with a limited motif arsenal several opportunities to incorporate the few drawings into many different designs. All very exciting!



Mayfield Park Logo


This project was really fun! I think it turned out pretty cute and went together a lot faster than I expected. 



Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Lenore Angela enjoyed a kind of gypsy upbringing. Inspired by those early days of moving across Canada she strives to apply the full palette of her experiences into her design work. Her love of flowers, new cities and springtime colours nourish her affinity with detail, giving her a singular take on the patterns she creates. Lenore now resides in the lush Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Mayfield Park Collection

Blue Tambourine  


Blue Tambourine-Large Scale


Blue Tambourine-Small Scale.



I'm still working on my collection and this is an unfinished version of my secondary print. I'm having a hard time with it because my panels aren't matching up. I really like how it looks with a dark velvety background. I went a few shades darker than the darkest blue of my hero print. I don't know if that's allowed, but it looks pretty. 


Cosmopolitan Sunshine-Small Scale


Cosmopolitan Sunshine-Largescale

My bio picture is a little over five years old but I'm hoping I still look the same. 

I ended up taking my sketches straight into Illustrator this time instead of hand painting them. I've especially enjoyed the story telling part of this assignment. It's really helped me focus on what's going on with my design and inched me farther into the picture. This has opened me up to a whole new way of working, producing images and pairings that I couldn't envision in the beginning. I'm happy with how things are progressing and eager to see how it all turns out for my first collection, Mayfield Park. Thank you Bonnie!

MAYFIELD PARK: is a collection illustrating an innocent time meant to touch simple pleasures and easy days. When girlfriends strolled tree-lined avenues under blue city skies. Where willow-green arms caressed  young bohemians dressed in cut-offs and billowy peasant blouses. Mayfield Park evokes tender memories of cool flower mornings and neighbourhood gardens bathed in pretty pastels.  



Designing Three Focal Point Prints


I'm still working on my sketches and will be concentrating on Forget-Me-Nots and English Daisies for one of my focal point prints. Once I get a few more motifs under my belt I'll be using water colour paint for the finishing touches.


The descriptive words I'm using to help portray my ideas are: delicate, lacy, wafting, fragrant, serene, lilting, intricate, playful, awash, tendril, bud, fleeting.

Illustrate From Photos and Paintings Workshop:



Whew! Managed to make a pattern. Did I say that last part was hard? This was waaaay harder. 


I think my motifs have to be repositioned because I didn't realize how important placement was. It's not random enough. I can see vertical spaces, but I'm proud of it anyway. Thank you Bonnie xo :0)


Well, this was the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole yay! I did it! All vectorized in Illustrator. Next step, turn these into a pattern. Oh man...sooo difficult. I need a cup of tea.


Personal Photos Inspiration and Colour Palette:

While going through my photos, these are the ones that struck me the most. I think it's the innocence of childhood play and delicate flowers. Happy moments in sunny mornings, milk and cookies and dandelion wishes. 

I really like this colour palette and hope I can make it work. 


Dandelion Dreams Sketches and Revised Colour Palette:


These are the finished sketches for my Dandelion Dreams design. I know I'm behind but I don't seem to be able to keep up entirely. I'm going to try not to worry about it and just enjoy the process. But I also think it's important for me to share what I'm able to complete, so I don't get too discouraged and quit all together. Tomorrow I will ink these and get them into Illustrator. I'm hoping I'll get faster as I go along. I really love the soft palette, I'm nuts over yellow and grey lately. 


Photoshop Watercolour Dandelion Fluffs:


I painted! Woot Woot! I painted! And they actually turned out. I still have all of my other motifs left to do. But this was hard enough, the others will take some time. I like the look of the painting in Photoshop better than in Illustrator, which is the photo below. But I like the one below too. It all depends on which one I look at first. 

Illustrator Vector Water colour Dandelion Fluffs:


And here I finally figured out how to get my watercolour painting into Illustrator. The colour of it changed a little, though. It looks okay but I don't think it would work on a coloured background because it's pretty messy. Eventually I'll get this thing under control. 

I'm learning so much in this class. Thank you Bonnie! I can't believe I painted. So happy!

Second Try Water Colour Motifs 


I desaturated the colours of my second painting in Photoshop trying to match it to my first painting. Sort of...


Then I changed the hue in Photoshop and I kind of like the way it's going. Maybe I could do yellow dandelion flowers and golden fluffs with ghost images in the background. It would be awesome if I could possibly figure that out by the due date. Fingers crossed. 

More Dandelion Motifs


So I'm still in the water colour stage of painting my motifs. And even though I'm about a week behind the rest of the class I'm determined to create my Dandelion Dreams pattern. So I'm just going to keep plugging away at it until it's done. Sure glad there's break between courses. Congratulations to everyone who finished on time. I'm so jealous! Now on to the flowers. Oy!


Finished a flower today and I'm really happy with how this one looks. Every day my painting changes. 

I love painting!  :0)


Okay two flowers done. Leaves and buds next on the agenda. I think I might have to make this pattern in Photoshop. I'm not sure how all these colours are going to translate in Illustrator. I'm also thinking the one before these two flowers is too heavy and maybe a repaint is in order. I feel like I'm just starting to get the hang of water colour. 

Illustrate From Sketches Workshop:


Wildwood Garland Sketches and Pattern Swatch:


I realize I should have more sketches, unfortunately this all I could manage for the moment. I'm a really slow drawer. I'm going to try and draw more as I go along, I just really wanted to meet this due date since I screwed up so bad the last time I took this course and didn't meet any deadlines. Also, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make everything work, either. I had planned on using watercolour for this project because I'm in love with Elena Wilken's work but that may be a problem since I don't know how to paint. I'm very curious to see how this is going to turn out, I have a funny feeling it's going to be completely different than what I had envisioned. 

Yay! I made a pattern!



Here is a very rough draft of the direction I'm taking. I want to go with this kind of style, only better. So this is really just a practise for me to see if I could ink or even create a pattern for that matter. And ta da...I did it...sort of. This class has been a lot harder than I expected, but fun. I wanted to stay on track and at least hand something in before the deadline. I'm going to spend the next week, redrawing, re-inking and rethinking, hopefully I'll come up with something good before the next class starts. I wonder if I can possibly get three patterns done. Oy! 



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