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Jessica Robley

Artist in Perth, Australia



Russian Warrior Prince

8 Oct 2013

In class we're working on a poster design for a russian ballet called The Firebird, based on a traditional russian folk tale about a prince who enters an enchanted garden, falls in love with a princess and defeats a monster, la la la. I thought I would come up with some designs for the hero Ivan. : )

I added the rough skeletons...

I chose a few of my favourites to develop. It was rather hard to decide where to put the values. I think I could have done more research at this stage, but I like a couple of the details and characters so far.

24 Dec 2013

I lost interest in this character for quite a while, but here is my finished image. I did skip the variations stage :[ I plan to do another project though and include that stage. I really appreciate all the comments I've had so far! Thanks for the help and the kind words :)


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