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Russian Superstitions and Beliefs

I was really stuck on choosing a topic for the zine, I thought it would be interesting doing something educational about my culture. My initial ideas included Russian phrases that are good to know, some travel destinations, or things you have to do in Russia. And then I ran across this webpage (  full of Russian beliefs that I grew up with, but that were apparently only relevant to Russians. I thought that they might seem silly to some people, but it is what it is. My family always sits down before traveling, we always throw one flower away from the dozen before gifting them to others, and we always stop people when they whistle. At first I considered illustrating the whole thing by hand, but Kate really intrigued me with the idea of using a collage and textures as inspiration. For a couple of pages I wrote out words in Russian for the background, and for other I kept it simple. I considered hand lettering the words on each page, but it became woo busy, which is something a zine should not be. I wanted it to be clear and communicate to others without any confusion. Since I love colorful work, for the execution I wanted to print on color paper, but then couldn't choose a color. Which made me decide to challenge myself with making the work black and white and many shades of gray. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project, even though it was hard making that first push to get started. Thank you Kate for introducing the world of zines to me!

Here are some of my rough drafts and the lettering I used for backgrounds.




Here's a look inside of my final pages.








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