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Russian Alphabet

Hey! I like this cool class and I think it should be very fun to make and use my own watercolor alphabet. So let's start!

I have no lightbox and also I was lazy to use pencil (that's a good idea for future). I used another method: I'm just traced my letters from monitor (used it like vertical lightbox). It works good for me also because I have no printer.

So here is my pencil outlines. My paper sheet is big so it's not fit in my scanner. When I finish I'll cut it for two parts to scan my final.


Next step was painting. I like this cosmic effect when mixed blue, violet and pink watercolor, so I used this colors and paint letters in chaotic manner.

Here a fragment of original watercolor-painted letters close-up to see texture and details:


I scanned my result and tried to trace, but I struggled with this part for long time. Finally I got a result. So here is all my alphabet. In this scale it is indistinguishable from my watercolor scan in same scale.


But if we take a closer look we'll see nice texture that looks like stained glass:


I have my beautifull letters and it's so exciting! I think I can make a card with some nice lettering.

Update 05.10.2015.

I wrote a phrase that means: "You are a cosmos, baby" - it's a funny and expressive compliment in russian.


And also I wrote this word, that means UFO, because on this weekend I guested with my sister and she watch X-files :)



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