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Russell & sons

I have given myself the task of creating a logo for my made-up ale company. It's product is apparently brewed in London, England. So I want the logo to convey a sense of heritage and tradition.

When I thought of the words "ale, England, heritage" my brain went straight to thoughts of 'ye olde english' and for some hours it was stuck in medieval times. 

I was convinced I needed that middle ages font inorder to achieve the heritage I mentioned before. Then it occured to me that the middle ages was a graphic design dark age. I put the pencil down, stepped away from the sketch and took a little time to reflect.

I was still convinced that the middle age font was the way to go. But maybe if I contrasted it with a script font it might make for a  more interesting design. 

Pretty soon I decided to completely distance myself from the medieval period and instead take a more forward thinking approach. The victorian period!

So many options have now opened up, I feel free! 


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