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I've chosen to create a poster for Rushmore. I'm recreating the pins that Max wears on his lapel throughout the film:


I created my initial outlines by tracing over a photo with the pen tool, then I blocked in the basic colors.


At this point I've just started to apply some gradients, mostly focusing on getting the metal effect correct, and I'm trying out a light drop shadow under the bee to give some depth. I'm not really sure if the gradients I've set up make sense, so I'm gonna take a break from this project and come back later with a fresh set of eyes. Still need to add detail to the red and black filled sections as well. I'd like for them to look glossier than they do now.

Thanks for checking out my project so far, if you've got any advice I'd love to hear it!


May 9th:

I've been working on this pretty slowly over the past week, but here are my revisions so far:

Here's what the pin looks like with added shadows and highlights (it looks much better, thanks Julian!)

And now I've started assembling the rest of the components for the poster:

Still working on the details on the pencil, but overall I'm very happy with how it's coming along! I don't like the wood grain texture I've made for the background. I'll play with it a little more, but I may just ditch it if I can't get it to look how I want it to.

Just in case it is useful for anyone else, here are two tutorials I used that I found to be helpful:

3D Vector Pencil in Illustrator:

Realistic Vector Wooden Texture in Illustrator:


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