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Jeremy Hurlburt

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Rushmore "Hit Play"

Final Update:

Here's my final project. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Update 2: 

Here's my project synced to sound. I think I can work on the timing a little to make this tighter.

Update 1:

Here's my first slide. I used scale, rotation, and position.

I chose one of my favorite quotes from Rushmoreone of my favorite movies of all time. I chose the colors from Wes Anderson's color palette for the film. Anderson is well-known for his use of Futura font for titles in his films as well, so that was an easy choice. I complemented the Futura with Garamond.

I'm looking for different ways to layout the text in all project that I do, and I landed here for this one. Here's what I have so far...


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