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Rushing and stealing

I drink tea several times a day, sometimes with a little treat mid-morning or mid-afternoon. I was inspired by the class and I prepared for the shoot straight after watching it. I was in a bit of a rush since I had to go and get the kids from school, but I wanted to relax into it as much as possible and to enjoy the tea. To help get rid of the last remains of my cold I prepared a ginger, lemon and honey tea. I didn't have anything yummy to eat with it, so I stole the last of my daughter's biscuit stash! To make things worst, said biscuit was a speculoos given to her by Saint Nicolas' himself when he visited her school. Shame on me :-) Luckily, she didn't notice...

The words I had in mind were calmness, winter, spices.

Thank you lovely Marte Marie for the wonderful class and for giving me the chance to overindulge in a love of mine: underexposing :-) I live in Belgium and I've totally embraced the lack of light into my photography.


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