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Rupert & Rosie

Hi Everyone! 

I'm an aspiring children's book author/illustrator and for this class I'll be using my story entitled Rupert & Rosie, for my project. Rupert is an extraordinarily plain boy, who likes when things go according to plan, but when his parents have some place to go he ends up at his Aunt Rosie's house where things are a bit chaotic. The text is minimal, leaving a lot of weight on the illustrations, which is why I'm so exciting to be in this class!

Below is the text, as well as a few (very rough) illustrations. 

Looking forward to working with everyone!

                                                              Rupert & Rosie

Poor Rupert Gray.

He hated to leave his home,

where everything was neat and organized and went exactly according to plan.

But his parents had some place important to be.

That is how poor Rupert Gray ended up at his Auntie Rosie’s house.

I’m going to hate it here, thought Rupert. 

And he did.

He hated the messes.

And the silly games.

And the strange smells. 

But when Auntie Rosie suggested a visit to the garden, Rupert was delighted.

Nothing can go wrong in a quiet and peaceful garden, thought Rupert.

However, there was nothing quiet nor peaceful about Rosie’s garden. 

“Hold on to your britches, boy!” Yelled Rosie. 

(illustration note: the snapdragons are anthromorphized and are actual dragons)

“These Snapdragons are wicked!”

“Help!” Shrieked Rupert.

(illustration note: the dandelions are anthromorphized and are actual lions)

“Don’t worry, my boy,” said Rosie. “These Dandelions look mean, but they have brains the size 

of acorns!”

The last plant was a breeze, for by this time Rupert was having a blast, and it’s always easier to 

box Kangaroo Paw when you’re having fun! 

(illustration note: kangaroo paw has anthromorphized into kangaroos with boxing gloves on)

“That was great!” Said Rupert. “What will we do tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” answered Rosie. “We mow the lawn.”


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