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Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs

12.2.13—second post

after reading the book again i added more notes to the original and started sketching. my initial thought was to have a B that was like the inner Augusten, shiny, excessive, and glitzy, but with the clutter and mess somewhat taking over the letter from the bottom up. i sketched many of the things he mentioned that cluttered around him in his surroundings. i realized i didn't like the direction of the sketch mush at all and thought it was far too literal. im working on simplifying the sketch to be something that represents the chaotic, messy life of Augusten without being too obvious.

11.9.13—first post

i initially read this book my freshman year of college and have been obsessed with memoirs ever since. i was fascinated with his intense and crazy childhood. it didnt seem possible that any of the situations he found himself in could actually happen to anyone. on top of that, he had an unique, quirky personality that made the entire story more interesting. with this project i really want to capture the bizarreness of his life.

i intend to reread a good portion of this book, but below are a few scratchy notes on what i remember the most.


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