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Running through 13 in 2013

My infographic will detail my training and racing this year for the 13 half marathons in 2013 that I am running along with other workouts that I do. I keep a calendar of my accomplishments to keep myself motivated. Other data I hope to include:

  • how often I run (days/week)
  • most popular day to run
  • average mileage
  • average pace
  • races/what type of "swag" I received for signing up
  • other workouts besides running
  • outfits worn
  • weather of races (coldest run/warmest run)
  • number of pairs of shoes purchased and worn
  • states ranked by number of races I've run in them
  • medal shapes
  • estimated gallons of water/gatorade consumed

There are so many things I could record. These are just a few things I thought of right away. I don't think all of them will make it onto the final infographic.


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