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Running Your Best Life

RunStart (still finalising project details, below is what I am thinking at this stage)

My aim is simple, I want to get more mothers running.

Why Mums?

  • they give all their energy to their family,
  • no time to take care of themselves,
  • no balance in their life,
  • lack of self-belief
  • little to no confidence in their own abilities,
  • often stressed and frustrated with so much going on in their life with kids/partners, and no real way to deal with those stresses and frustrations.

RunStart was born from these running sessions and conversations.

By helping mums understand the benefits of running, with support and encouragement to run more often, mums have been able to get back quality time to themselves, have more energy to support their families, and be clearer on their life’s purpose outside of their family and working lives.

Once they start running, only then do I have a chance to show them how running really can change there life, and give them a chance at living their best life.

My Mums get a free program in the form of an e-book to get them from 0-5kms. Once we have them running, they can then choose to purchase the next level training program, i.e. 10kms, half marathon, full marathon.  They have the option of buying a support program that works along side the training program that includes wekly motivational emails, weekly videos, weekly strength training workouts and a stretching program for the term of their program.


they can purchase a monthly membership that includes access to all programs, plus a personalised online workout program, online meal planner, access to a community of new runners via facebook groups, access to weekly coaching sessions, monthly expert sessions via webinar (experts will include, healthy mindset coach, emotional intelligence coach, life coach (more to come)).

Current assets include myself as head running coach, and I have one expert, a healthy mindset coach. Still to acquire the other coaches.

At the moment, the hard part is finalising my program and product as I have only just finished my free ebook 0-5kms program (and keeping to ten sentences). Once I have a product, I can then start building my list (my next challenge.) Also finding it hard as i try to find out what I am really offering my customers, that is unique. I want them to enjoy running, but I dont want it to be about the tecnical side of running, i want them to experience the enjoyment of the journey of running, and all the benefits that come from it, both personally and for those they inspire with there efforts.


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