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Running Is Quality Time With Me

1. Getting Started

Hi, I'm Ghata and I'm a young designer. I have no expeience in hand-lettering yet, so I'm very excited to participate in this class to learn some basic approaches. The phrase I chose for this project is "Running is quality time with me" and the appication for this phrase is a motivative poster that I'm going to print and present to a friend of mine.

2. Inspiration and Brainstorming

Here is the list of words that relate to my phrase:

For inspiration I found: images and fonts related to nature;

sport and park posters and a lot of park guide signs to explore fonts and style;

old maps for the decorations and it's relation with discovering new places, some amazing fonts with landscapes and maps, patterns that express rythm and dynamics;

and road signs to look at the fonts, stiles and textures.

3. Warming Up

4. Thumbnails

5. Sketching

Today I finally completed three sketches. I chose thumbnail 1, 4 and 6 although changed some detailes and added decoration. In my view the first thimbnail gives an impression of movement with its diagonal composition and the pattern with trees adds to the picture tranquillity and rythm. I like the energy of the font from the 4th thumbnail and representational road sign look of the thumbnail number 6.

Here are my three sketches ready to be inked:

6. Inking

7. Digitizing


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