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Running 2 Businesses and Prospering Along the Way

I started my clothing line 5 years ago and along the way I started a second business, a commercial screen printing company.  I use the commercial screen printing to support the clothing line.  I am self funded and self employed so every waking move I make is for my enterprise.  I use to-do lists every day and I have a few systems which I do not always maintain.  I get my work done every day but I know I can do it better.  And if I want to take my business to the highest level, I must be the best I can be.  Soooo, I am excited to expand my capabilities and GET THINGS DONE LIKE A BOSS!!

I now have evernote on my computer and phone and I downloaded the web clipper.  I have a physical tray on my desk for paper things.  I have three notebooks, 1 for my clothing line, 1 for my printing business, and 1 for my fine art projects.  Oh and I do have a planner.  with a Calendar.  And then I have a calendar on my wall, and my calendar on my computer.  I just have too containers, which actually makes it unorganized.  

This is a short run down of 2 of my to-do lists that I have organized in Evernote:


Avelina: redo invoice and re-issue new invoice with the FOUNDER screen prints.  Print FOUNDER
Mesa Paint: get down payment, start job
Waldorf 131 shirts
Sun Potion: Call scott about water base 2 colors 160 shirts
Law Journal: get downpayment and start artwork
Work on SevenLions- concept old sexy Egyptian kings, queens, and ruins.  Sample groceries apparel
Send Randy account info
order hoodies samples for law journal and oct 19
Find teflon, get hats figured out


contact suzie Bank of America
hair and makeup 
contact ergo motion
bella vista final quote
other designers
write contracts for committee workers
email food Lucky Penny
make show poster
set up event bright
book models


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