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Gracelle Mesina

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Runnin' Through The Six With My Woes


Firstly, as someone who's been using Adobe Illustrator for years, I still learned some sweet shortcuts and tricks that I wasn't aware of before after taking this class. Thanks Jon! I've been wanting to make a lapel pin of my own for quite sometime now, so I'm glad that this contest popped up to give me the kick in the pants I needed. Anywho...

Above, is the idea for my pin, inspired by Catholicism, Drake, and everyone who can do a mean "rapper squat". I wanted to challenge myself with the pen tool and try to stray away from easy geometry as much as possible.


I already had the idea brewing in my head, so researched for rad pins of hands doing different things to get a better idea of how detailed I could go and to see what was already out there. These ones are from Coucou Suzette, The Found Retail, Big Bud Press, and Kristina Micotti.


As for my favourite Apple Metal pin, I'm very fond of this psychadelic Jake + Finn Adventure Time one. The colours are perfect and the details are great– look how cute Jake's butt is!


This was my [internal thought] process of when I came up with the idea:

  1. What kind of pin would I want to wear? Maybe something related to pop culture... or feminism...
  2. [Spotify is running in the background, "Jumpman" plays] Oh! I should do Drake's prayer hands!
  3. But, how do I make it my own? Oh, I know, let's femme it up, add a manicure and rings...

I usually love sketching, but because I was set on this idea, I just did one to confirm that it could look good, and jumped straight away to Illustrator.


It's crazy how focused I can be when I have a gut feeling on a what I think is a good idea. So in this case, my only process really involved trying to colour it, and deciding what details to keep/take out (based on the original illustration).




Hope y'all like it! Totally open to feedback to improve this illustration, so go for it.

Update! I've turned these into actual pins:


Go to if you'd like to purchase one! All profits go to the bulk purchase of menstrual cups to help a local women's shelter.


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