Runner looking to run faster!

I started running in high school when I made a deal with my gym teacher that if I didn't have to do any of the other sports with the other students, I would run instead. 

This sparked a love I didn't think I'd ever find for something like running. I was unable to run a whole lap when I started and now I have one 10K race under my belt!

My time for that race was 1:04:42, or a pace of 10:25. This was much faster than I've ever run; on my regular runs throughout the week, I rarely break 11:30. I would like for my normal 5 mile runs to be at a consisent 10:00 minute pace. I am also looking to lose some more weight. I started at 180 awhile ago and have been maintaining 165 for bit. I need to push past this and reach my ultimate goal of 130. 

My one positive fitness change will be consistently giving attention to exercises that are not running. I fractured my foot on 1/7 and am unable to run for now. This has given me the perfect opportunity to focus on some other things! I started the 200 sit up challenge and 100 push-up challenge on 1/11. I have to start with kneeling push-ups, but I will eventually work my way up to regular ones!!! 


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