RunKarma makes every run you go on count for even more, keeping you healthy, motivated and spiritually sound!

This is an app provides a financial incentive to train harder and the ability to raise money for charity while doing so.

Each week our runners place a bet on themselves and their training goals: fulfill that goal and their chosen charity reaps the financial rewards, fail to achieve their goals and they forfeit the bet.

The Problem:

Many of us runners have changed their lives through running; it makes sense we would want to change the lives of others the same way. We can take the drive, ambition, and dedication we used to transform ourselves from non-runners to athletes and channel that into making a difference for someone else.We know this to be a fact, having raised thousands of dollars while training for marathons for APLA with T2EA.

Having run three marathons for APLA, a couple of half marathons and a handful of 10k’s, we got frustrated with the constant need to ask friends and family for sponsorship dollars in order to run and do some good at the same time. Most marathon training programs ask you to raise several thousand dollars in order to receive their training program. Fund raising is a time consuming and humbling experience. So having tapped out our immediate friends and family we asked ourselves if there was a way we could motivate ourselves to train and still raise money for a good cause.

More simply, can new runners raise money for a good cause, just by going for a run?

We think RunKarma is the solution to these questions.

The Market

Runners are a charitable bunch, Team In Training has reportedly raised over one billion dollars for Lukemia and Blood disease research by taking non-runners and runners alike and training them to run a full marathon, runners raised over $650 million for cancer charities last year alone.

But runners don’t need training programs to raise money, races themselves make money- the 2012 LA Marathon raised $2.4million for a variety of charities, many of which did not provide full training programs. The fact is runners like to do big things. Often it’s a charity that can provide the inspiration for non-runners to get off the chair and to take those first steps towards a 5k, 10k or marathon.

Clearly the existing market is worth a lot of money, and it's important to realize that anyone can become a runner, all you need is some determination, motivation and a pair of trainers, RunKarma provides extra inspiration for people new to training, and an easy, way for more seasoned athletes to raise money and stick to training plans.

Most importantly RunKarma offers a really easy way for any runner to do some good for the world simply by putting one foot in front of the other.


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