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Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a crime-ridden town and ran away from all of her responsibilities to fulfill her dream of becoming a superhero.

And every day she worked hard to become the best superhero she could be, without thinking about the responsibilities she left behind.

Until one day she became overconfident and her position on a well known superhero team she had joined was suspended.

And because of this she went back to her parent's house where the daughter she abandoned lives.

And because of this, she begrudgingly starts to take responsibility for all of the things she ran away from.

Until finally she saves her daughter's life out of love, as well as her hometown.

Ever since that day she's helped her hometown grow as a loving mother and police officer, who occasionally moonlights as a superhero when needed.


I imagine that to raise the stakes, the main character would be the only, or one of the only, superheroes without powers. She would be considered a "trial case" and whether or not she was considered a successful superhero would determine the status of other non-powered hopefuls. Maybe one of her friends, with a "lame" superpower could return to her hometown with her. Perhaps she should also have a mentor who thinks that going home would be good for her.

I suppose that in order for the town to be attacked, there would have to be something there that a villain wants. Oh! There should also probably be some sort of villain... Maybe her mentor could end up being the villain?

Although I really love superhero tales in general, I hope that superpowers will just be a backdrop for this story. I would very much like it to be a growing up sort of story, and also to drive home that fulfillment doesn't necessarily have to come from "making it big." (Although, of course, just because you "made it big" doesn't mean that you aren't fulfilled.)

I think maybe the "making it big" and "internal fulfillment" mentalities could be personified to the extreme by the main character and her friend with the "lame" superpower respectively. 


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